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Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Last Migraine

I feel like I owe an explanation.  Mostly because I don't like being vague on facebook and because I can't give any real answers, I couldn't be anything but vague and so I need to give something of an explanation so that I don't cause unnecessary worry and the very least not cause unnecessary rumors.

I won't be going into details because it's not needed, just a few facts:

I haven't been feeling good.  If I had told the Dr that at my visit last week, I would have said it just came on.  But I log my migraines and it has been a while and it has gotten worse. I have been able to cope with them because of my schedule being that I don't have to teach lessons until afternoon.  I am tired of talking about migraines and so I won't go into detail about what I have done to get to the bottom of them.  I lost my neurologist in December because the nausea I have been having was getting worse and couldn't tolerate the new medicine (for migraines).  This is where I insert that God always makes things work for good because he was a good Dr and it just was a circumstance, but I found a new Dr. (long story not told here) and he is wonderful and looking at things in a much broader scope. (a very long story not told here).

So my migraines made me feel like the game Rock Em Sock Em Robots (from the 70's?).  I would have a migraine for 3-6 days.  I could tell you the day I was going to have them.  I would lose a couple pounds from the nausea, and then I would have a couple migraine free days and would eat and get my strength back. The last migraine I had I was down for the count.  Once the migraine left, the nausea never left and that is what kicked my butt.

So the short version: I ended up trying for a week to still do everything while being sick like this and then went downhill and ended up going to Urgent Care by the end of the week dehydrated (from many other symptoms despite my best efforts).  When I finally got to my Dr. apt, she offered to have my other ovary taken out. I had a feeling she would say this.  After brainstorming - and I had to convince all the Dr. offices when I called that I did not have the flu - we came up with temporarily doing an injection to see if my symptoms go away - migraine, severe nausea, abdominal pain (these are the basics - again).  Oh, yeah I was curled up on the couch for almost a week and couldn't eat for a few days.  Again, I won't go into details and I was in contact with Dr's.  Went to the ER last Sunday for severe nausea and another IV and some potassium.

So I am off work this week.  I need to gain a few pounds.  There are side effects to the injection and some are the pain that I had before for a week or so.  But... I haven't had nausea since.  And... I haven't had a migraine.  The injection is a tool to measure and if my symptoms that were making my life - well - unlivable, go away then laproscopic surgery would probably be a good option.  It's a tool so they don't do a surgery that is unnecessary.  I don't know the schedule, but I think they wait the whole 3 mths to observe with this so I won't really have any answers yet, which is why I don't have any answers!

It's all scary as I am not uneducated in this area.  It has me backed into a corner.  I am someone who wants everything natural, but my body doesn't want to cooperate.  And then I get backed into this corner where all my props are gone and I find that faith is a wonderful thing to have.  I do know this:  God is good and when it is the darkest and you can't feel He is there,  He is.  He is faithful.  Also, family and friends are a gift and so is our appetite!  My husband deserves a medal and I can tell you that marriage is not 50/50, it is sometimes 0/100.  I take back the comment last August about him not knowing how to vacuum - he does!  He has been awesome. (again leaving out many many details)  Now I am feeling a little better and told him how it 'was' with only being able to have one pair of boots on the boot tray in the dining room to feed the birds.  I asked him if he liked it that I was feeling better so I could tell him 'how it was' and although he didn't look at me, I heard a clear 'yes'. 

I may or may not have had my last migraine. Probably not, but maybe it will change for the better.  Maybe I will have other obstacles to hurdle.  Most likely.  But besides all those things that are constantly changing these are the facts:  God is Good.  All the Time.

My meditation for the week:
Psalm 139 Where Can I Go?



  1. and All the Time, God is Good! (This is an automatic response at our church here - kind of a congregation motto)

    1. Yes! The correct answer and automatic response every time. Thank you!