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Sunday, September 16, 2012

How things multiply and other fun stuff of the day


Today was a beautiful Fall day.  I suppose it was good for a lot of things.  Today I enjoyed having some down time while digging in the dirt and checking to see what my garden produced while not looking.  I doubled my garden size this year in raised beds and although for some reason my tomatoes didn't do as well as hoped, the peppers are very abundant and colorful!  We will wait a little for those. 
My main goal was to plant garlic for next July's harvest.  I had to check back in my blog to see how many I planted last year. Eleven.  I planted twelve plus this year.  Just as I used the last clove up, it was harvest time this past summer.  Whew!
Before the garlic though, I couldn't resist seeing what my potato tubs produced as this was the first time in my 50 years that I have ever planted a potato.    I was amused to find the littlest potato ever!
I planted some organic potato 'peelings' low in the tubs that I had originally bought for another use.  I changed my mind as the seasons changed and had these tubs sitting around with holes drilled in the bottom.  Arg.  I would say it worked fairly well, since I already had them but wouldn't really recommend them since the look like they are getting brittle after one season and started cracking as I dug the dirt out.  I had a metal tub that I emptied the first one into and then transferred the dirt as I dug each tub.  Oh, and as I said I started low in the tub and added a little dirt every week until it was full.  It was fun and I will probably continue looking into growing potatoes 'vertically'.


Turk enjoying the porch while I dig

I worked respectfully around Mr. Spider

Garlic ready for planting.
I saved out the ones that lost their hair
and couldn't be braided for planting

Newly planted garlic
(the corner plant is some hen-and-chicks
among my 'evil cactus'.  I didn't want to deal with
him today.)

Lately it seems I have been telling the dogs to 'go run outside' a lot.  They never seem to want to unless we are out with them.  Today they enjoyed the afternoon outside and Opie even came to visit.  This is a 30 second clip of a typical wrestle.  Yes, they always make Opie say 'uncle' and yes I always yell at them to be nice to Opie.


My closely planted carrots in a 4x4 section

This is what happened right after I planted the garlic

...and then this is what I found when I turned around next!
Tazey was checking out Turk's new spot and
getting ready to try it out herself

This may look like the same pic,
but according to Tazey's face she decided she
better not go in the garlic bed after hearing mommy yell

I am so glad I collected my carrots up high....
Opie has to mark everything new

After wrestling, Turk found a more acceptable resting spot

...and Tazey found a spot to watch over me while I dug

She also had to keep Opie in line
...just in case he was thinking of getting out of line

Opie doesn't care about me digging in the garden,
just throw the ball

Carrots, onions and garlic (earlier this summer) harvested

Opie considering marking my carrots
-- they are up on an outdoor table for now

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