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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Jail-Break Walk

Today's walk was very pleasant despite my walking too late in the morning (8am) instead of getting up with the sunrise when it is a bit cooler.  Turk has been a little stir-crazy with last weeks 100 degree weather and me with a disabling migraine for almost 2 weeks.  I skipped walking a couple days because I couldn't get off the couch and then the days I could we went so late in the morning, that we walked around the block which is all I could handle.  Turk is now tougher than me on our walks. Ha.

I always say they must feel like they are in jail.  Like when they are stuck in the house on below zero days.  A couple days ago when I couldn't get off the couch until very late in the afternoon, I decided to do a little yoga to get rid of some of the neck tension from the migraine.  I had 3 dogs staring at me the whole time.  They were bored out of their minds.  I felt a little bad, but then realized how good they have it.  Their 'kennel' consists of a pleasantly air-conditioned huge (in doggy terms) loft.  They get 'recess' every hour or two where they can gather up some sun rays before they go in to cool down again.  Then later I will take them outside in the front.  I call this getting out of jail because it's not fenced in and they get to see the world.

Turk especially loves to watch the comings and goings of the neighborhood and announces each neighbor coming home from work.  It happens that I have been on vacation for two weeks (doing nothing but having a migraine) and that means no piano students coming and going every half hour.  He loves the activity and misses it.

So on our walk today, it was getting a little warm.  Although Turk does not like the heat, it seems he is tolerating it better out of sheer boredom at being locked up for so long.   I let them go down to the creek to cool down.  Turk likes to stand in the deeper water, Tazer doesn't like to get her tail wet, but will venture in a little further on hot days.  Opie has discovered the frogs. 

On our way home we took our time, stopping in the shade to watch the cars come and go.  It was pleasant in the shade with a nice breeze blowing.  We got to talk to neighbors along the way.  It's hard to talk to anyone when the humidity is so high you can't even stand in it.  So in a way, it was a jail-break for me too!  I enjoyed getting out to see and talk to people and see nature without having to go for a really long walk.  Although Turk loved getting out of jail, I think after watching way too much daytime TV this week, I enjoyed it as much!

The first thing I came across was what I first thought was a very large dog in a back yard.

Who Me?

Tazer looking for the deer.  I think she finally saw it.

It stared at us for a while and then continued to eat from the tree.
I would think that the owners of this tree realize the deer are eating it.
Notice the whole bottom of the tree?

Our next stop, a swim.
Opie is getting very good at frog hunting.  He knows where they hide and he knows how they move.  He has gone psycho for frogs.  Luckily, I had him on a short leash as he sees the brown frog.  They don't want to hop unless it's absolutely necessary. Obviously frogs are not that smart because he couldn't see how necessary it was that he move fast NOW.   The frog got a head start.

Mr. Green Frog was smart today and was sitting on a rock across the creek
where Opie's leash doesn't reach.

Turks favorite spot in the shade by the ball diamonds. 
He knows when we walk that he can count on the shade of the building. 
On really hot days, he can't get there fast enough.
He likes to watch the cars and people go by as he cools down.

If you make eye-contact from a car though,
he thinks you are coming to see him!

Opie, on the other hand faced the other way to watch for critters.

And rolled in the grass just because.

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