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Friday, June 29, 2012

What goes up, comes down and the good news

I have been picking raspberries again.  I have been picking raspberries so many years that I feel like I won't get any more profound thoughts, that I'm all tapped out and then out of the blue  I am... well, amazed that I can learn anything while picking raspberries.

What it is about picking raspberries, I don't know... is it that the work is so mundane, my mind has a chance to flow freely?  Or am I just quiet enough to hear God speak to me?  As I go for my walks, I find that my mind gets rid of layers and layers of excess.  Sometimes I am upset and don't realize it until after my walk.  Sometimes I ache so bad during my walk that I don't even know what I think about.  But somehow in the raspberry patch, it's just me and concentrating on how ripe the berry is and whether or not I should let it wait another 24 hours, or whether I think the birds might decide it will do before I get to it.  I share with the birds and throw many out into the lawn for them to scavange away from my patch.

I have been picking this year about a week and have had a few thoughts while picking.  Like how sometimes we want to rush things, to hurry things along and sometimes it is just best to wait until the right time.  That's what a raspberry can teach you.  Or like a friend warned when I mentioned I was picking, he said 'pick high!'.  Maybe I wouldn't have gotten that another year, but this year I did.  With our son's dog living here, he doesn't seem to get why there should be rules about where he pees.  My dogs know that there are rules.  No peeing on my flowers, No running through the raised garden beds.  No going in the herbs.  You can run through the perrenial flowers, but no peeing in them!  I have been washing my berries this year.
Opie makes sure to check and secretly mark the raspberry patch every time I pick,

So the other day I was picking.  We are getting a nice size bowl every day.  Some of the berries are big which means I have a few new bushes growing.  The smaller berries are on the older bushes.  As I am picking, I think about  this past week.  I had a migraine a week ago and have been dizzy since.  I even went to the Dr. because I wasn't sure if my blood pressure and pulse should be so low while I was so dizzy.  Turns out it's the same old stuff, only what goes up, must come down.

I haven't felt that well since the beginning of the year.  But I have had glimpses.  Like a week or so ago, I slept 7 hrs straight.  That was awesome.  I have been getting a little more house work done with less fatigue.  Awesome.  And then crash!  I lay around a week.  You would think being 50, I would figure it out, that for the last almost 20 years I have gone like this, only now it is more pronounced.  I got smart and hired someone to clean my piano room and hall (the dogs are very messy).  It seemed kind of silly when I was going strong and then I hit this past week and I was thankful I didn't have to think about it and had someone coming in.

As I picked the other day, I thought about the ups and downs of recent months.  How the ups were so painful (well, when you're talking estrogen it is) and how the downs are like riding a rollercoster.  I picked and thought about this and I thought, wouldn't it be nice if things were just more even - like straight line?  As I thought that, I got a picture in my head of a heart monitor showing a flat line.  Dead.  I got it right away.  Flat line wouldn't be good.  It changed my whole perspective and my attitude improved immensely!

What goes up, must come down, but it's better than flat line!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Subliminally Suggestive Walk

It has been too hot for Turk to walk anywhere too far except around the block.  On the same note, he is getting bored out of his mind with the weather.  Much like when it is below zero, he can't stand being locked up inside for too long.  Sounds like me.  We all get a little stir crazy.  I make sure we take 'recess' and go outside for brief moments during these hot muggy days.

Lately though, I have been able to talk Turk into taking the 'Water Walk' revised.  It is kind of weird that he understands more of what I'm saying than I realize.  So I explain to him that we can go down by the WATER and go SWIMMING and then go HOME.  I repeat it so he gets it, but I think he hears me the first time and then it's just a matter of him agreeing with me or not.  It seems the more I subliminally suggest it, he agrees with it.  Or it could just be there is a nice breeze going on and he knows this and that makes it more bearable. 

It's a lot like teaching piano lessons.  When we are on staccato notes (short notes for those that don't play), the songs all seem to be about popcorn and we talk about the sound of popping corn and how the notes are short like that.  By the end of teaching, I want popcorn really bad and have already put it on my mental list to have some.

Tazer was a little nervous of all the bubbles going by with the current.
She has her 'fearful' ears on
Ahhh!  Turk hit a hole.  He likes to just stand there in the water.
Opie is getting more comfortable and will even walk out in the shallow area.
This was this past week before it rained.  The water was very clear and 'boggy'.
He thought it was fun to retrieve the bog
Oops!  That one got away
Got it!
It there any more?
So I have been squeaking out a little bit longer walk with Turk in this heat. Not that he's getting clean or anything. With the rain we had, the creek is very muddy. But it gets some of the loose hair to come out in clumps rather than one at a time.

So now we are all resting comfortably in the air-conditioning after our walk.  May I suggest that you all stay cool today?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Roll Away Your Stone

It seems that all my bridges have been burned.
You say that's exactly how this grace thing works.
It's not the long road home that will change your heart,
but the welcome I receive with every start.

--Mumford and Sons; Roll Away Your Stone

I still hadn't updated my ipod since Christmas and my songs were limited to make room for Christmas music. Ahhh! Still the issue of transferring everything from my old computer to my new. Itunes is on my old computer. I feel like I will figure it out soon (as in find someone willing to do this for me). I did finally update my ipod this last week and have some new music to listen to, but am still missing some good tunes so the saga goes on.

But while I wait, I listened to Mumford and Sons for the last couple weeks while I get ready for the day.  I have listened to them before and now they have rotated back into my song(s) of the week.  I have always liked the song Roll Away Your Stone.

I especially like the second verse.  It took me until this time around listening to it to really hear what it was saying.  We can know the story of the Prodigal Son and say yeah, that is a really good story... but after you have lived long enough and you see it played out time and again in your life, well then it really changes you.  God's grace becomes more precious with every welcome back and hopefully we start learning as we go through life, to turn back immediately instead of squandering everything before we come crawling home.  But it doesn't matter because there is a party each time.

Luke 15:7

English Standard Version (ESV)
7 Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.
 Not that we should use this as an excuse for squandering...

It just so happened that the sermon in Sunday's service was on exactly this, the Prodigal Son.  The sermon title: God Can't Want Your Worst.  He will always take us back, AND throw a party for you when you do! 

He also talked about the 'other son', the legalistic rule following 'good son'.  I think I can be happy for someone I don't know that has turned their life around, but I probably would have a few buttons inside me that could be pushed if it hit too close to home.  The fact is though, God's gonna have a party whether or not we choose to come, the choice is ours.    And when we do come back and receive the grace of God receiving us back, there should be a lot of celebrating!

It's time to roll away your stone.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Woo. Hoo. !

I must have needed a vacation.  I thought I lost all my creativity somewhere in the act of living every day.  I took almost a week off to go see my new grandson and his sister (and of course my son and daughter-in-law).  They live in Nashville and we usually drive the 12 hr trip, but I was going alone.  I have many people that have said they would take a road trip with me anytime, so I wasn't worried about finding someone.  I happened to run into one of those friends when I was thinking of planning this trip.  Her kids and my kids have been friends forever and they have all moved down to Nashville.  I like it that my kids have support of good friends down there.  So we planned the trip.  Somewhere along the line we decided to check on air flights and that is what we did- we ended up flying.  Another post in the future on the pros and cons of that decision.

Did I ever mention I hate flying?  But I am really disliking the long 12 hr. trip a lot lately.  Our flight was pretty uneventful except for all the fear-of-the-unknowns (about 20 or so) ((where's my faith?)) (((or maybe it was being tested))).  When we landed another plane like ours (a small commuter plane) was being towed with 10-20 rescue vehicles behind.  This confirms all my fears.... ha ha.  A huge 747 clipped this little guy on the runway.  Actually I'd rather be clipped on the runway than in the air!!!!
A 747 cargo jet clipped the tail of an American Eagle Regional jet at O'Hare Airport Wednesday afternoon, causing minor damage to both aircraft
Enough on my fears.  I spent a week holding my new grandson.  I'm not big on holding babies, especially if they are crying.  I love playing with 2 year olds and getting dirty and letting my inner child out.  But little David was such a good baby.  Maybe it was my lack of responsibilities that made it enjoyable.  As a grandparent, I don't do nights.  And I get adequate breaks.  So holding a snuggly newborn and smelling the new baby smell and feeding and changing diapers was really very enjoyable.

I am starting my new summer schedule today, so I worked on my schedule (seeing where I needed to be and when this week).  I really needed a change in my schedule and in the weather and it all started this past weekend.  I had a great weekend and worked hard at some long overdue cleaning (stuff I have never cleaned before, oh my) and then a lovely Sunday afternoon of taking a nap on my covered porch swing and then being lazy all the rest of the afternoon timing the hummingbirds feedings and taking pics of all the nature in my back yard.  Spent the whole day outside on the deck.I LOVE living outside.

I found out working on my schedule that I have a LOT of free time this summer.  That is great, but also means I better not spend too much either!  No work, no pay.  But I am actually going to start some projects I have been wanting to start - both in organizing/cleaning (yes, that can be creative... or maybe I just have to feel creative in order to do that) and gardening stuff.  I am enjoying the 'hot-in-the-sun/cool-in-the-shade weather and am trying to take advantage of it.  Plenty of time when the humidity gets here to do indoor projects during the heat of the day.

Woo. Hoo. !  Let the summer begin!