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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grow Lights - Homemade

I have made grow light stands before.  The first one was an elaborate stand on the floor, two tier, four flat stand that I got the directions for from a gardening magazine.  It took up a lot of space and when we moved there was no room for it.  Where I live now, I only have my patio window and kitchen window for good light, so I had to get more creative.  Last year I found a table top stand in a magazine.  Time to shop Menard's!  PVC piping is easy to work with and much cheaper!  I got the final product for under $25 instead of buying the magazine version for $84.99 plus S&H.

I used this pic from a gardening magazine.  Note the price.
Mine cost less than $25 with most of the cost being the light for around $17

I sketched out a plan according to how big a growing flat was.  

What you need.  I didn't glue mine and it was fine.
I actually like that I can take it apart for storage if I want
I also bought some small chain to hook the light up and change the height of the light as plants grow.

I didn't get things growing this year like I wanted to last month, but bought a few plants while in Tennessee earlier this month. I decided to transplant them so they wouldn't get root bound. I have also kept my elephant ears all winter along with geraniums. Eventually I will add a grow light to each tier by just hanging the light from the shelf above.

I was excited to see that the hardware store had heirloom seeds as I was planning on ordering some and didn't get to it.  I think I will start the basil today- I bought 3 plants already, but you can never have too much basil!  The rest may be ready to put in now, which means I get to dig in the dirt today!

I also have been keeping this lily which was a gift from my sister for my birthday a couple years ago.  It stays dormant in the winter and now it is going crazy.  I have to turn it every day because it is reaching for the light.  When it's time to put them outside for the summer, it will be ready to blossom.

I keep most of my houseplants outside on the deck in the summer.  Some like it under the awning with indirect light.  I also water them every day and fertilize them once a week which I found out even my cactus loves!

Let the gardening season begin!

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