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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egg Coloring...Wars

I have fought my whole adult life to not ever buy pre-packaged egg decorating kits.  It annoys me to think that it is any simpler to buy a package.  All I know, is it is much cheaper to buy a pack of food coloring.  I should mark the year I buy the food coloring since I just ran out and I can't remember the last time I ran out of food coloring.

I thought I would post the official recipe, although mine would go something like this:

  • put a spoon and a sploosh of vinegar into each coffee mug
  • add desired combo of really cool color mixes (this is the most fun part)
  • pour boiling water into each mug
  • add boiled egg and leave in until desired color
I also might add that every year I seem to forget how to make hard boiled eggs.  I've seen a few different ways, but the simplest in my opinion is to cover eggs with cold water and bring to a boil.  Once boiling, cover and remove from heat and let sit for 20 minutes.  Run cold water over.

If you are going to put names on (for Egg Wars <see below> or designs), use a white crayon to write on the egg before coloring.  My sanity saver since 1982 is to keep a white crayon taped to my food coloring.  That way when you are all set with the kids all excited you aren't searching high and low for a white crayon.
picking your winning egg takes a lot of strategy

we chose 10 color combinations

Each person has an egg to use for the war; the dogs get theirs too

Somehow Dave Matthews got in there next to "Bad Dad"

Turk and Tazer

"Ky Ky Die" (Kyle) and his dog Opie

Somehow/why Sandra Bulloch got in there

and Abe Lincoln

Let the war being...

Pointy end to Pointy end

Then butt end to butt end

Everyone loses...

...except the WINNER
This is my husband's game from childhood
and he takes this game very serious

Turk trying to get in on the action

Next was the dog wars,  

Tazey won,
but Opie was willing to sit really nice
for this pretty ball


  1. Do the dogs get to eat theirs?

    1. I should have added that 'yes' they all had a *little* so as not to get too stinky. I think this is why the oldest dog gets so excited when we play this game. Meggy used to go crazy and now Turk seems to be getting into the tradition.