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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Grow Lights - Homemade

I have made grow light stands before.  The first one was an elaborate stand on the floor, two tier, four flat stand that I got the directions for from a gardening magazine.  It took up a lot of space and when we moved there was no room for it.  Where I live now, I only have my patio window and kitchen window for good light, so I had to get more creative.  Last year I found a table top stand in a magazine.  Time to shop Menard's!  PVC piping is easy to work with and much cheaper!  I got the final product for under $25 instead of buying the magazine version for $84.99 plus S&H.

I used this pic from a gardening magazine.  Note the price.
Mine cost less than $25 with most of the cost being the light for around $17

I sketched out a plan according to how big a growing flat was.  

What you need.  I didn't glue mine and it was fine.
I actually like that I can take it apart for storage if I want
I also bought some small chain to hook the light up and change the height of the light as plants grow.

I didn't get things growing this year like I wanted to last month, but bought a few plants while in Tennessee earlier this month. I decided to transplant them so they wouldn't get root bound. I have also kept my elephant ears all winter along with geraniums. Eventually I will add a grow light to each tier by just hanging the light from the shelf above.

I was excited to see that the hardware store had heirloom seeds as I was planning on ordering some and didn't get to it.  I think I will start the basil today- I bought 3 plants already, but you can never have too much basil!  The rest may be ready to put in now, which means I get to dig in the dirt today!

I also have been keeping this lily which was a gift from my sister for my birthday a couple years ago.  It stays dormant in the winter and now it is going crazy.  I have to turn it every day because it is reaching for the light.  When it's time to put them outside for the summer, it will be ready to blossom.

I keep most of my houseplants outside on the deck in the summer.  Some like it under the awning with indirect light.  I also water them every day and fertilize them once a week which I found out even my cactus loves!

Let the gardening season begin!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Egg Coloring...Wars

I have fought my whole adult life to not ever buy pre-packaged egg decorating kits.  It annoys me to think that it is any simpler to buy a package.  All I know, is it is much cheaper to buy a pack of food coloring.  I should mark the year I buy the food coloring since I just ran out and I can't remember the last time I ran out of food coloring.

I thought I would post the official recipe, although mine would go something like this:

  • put a spoon and a sploosh of vinegar into each coffee mug
  • add desired combo of really cool color mixes (this is the most fun part)
  • pour boiling water into each mug
  • add boiled egg and leave in until desired color
I also might add that every year I seem to forget how to make hard boiled eggs.  I've seen a few different ways, but the simplest in my opinion is to cover eggs with cold water and bring to a boil.  Once boiling, cover and remove from heat and let sit for 20 minutes.  Run cold water over.

If you are going to put names on (for Egg Wars <see below> or designs), use a white crayon to write on the egg before coloring.  My sanity saver since 1982 is to keep a white crayon taped to my food coloring.  That way when you are all set with the kids all excited you aren't searching high and low for a white crayon.
picking your winning egg takes a lot of strategy

we chose 10 color combinations

Each person has an egg to use for the war; the dogs get theirs too

Somehow Dave Matthews got in there next to "Bad Dad"

Turk and Tazer

"Ky Ky Die" (Kyle) and his dog Opie

Somehow/why Sandra Bulloch got in there

and Abe Lincoln

Let the war being...

Pointy end to Pointy end

Then butt end to butt end

Everyone loses...

...except the WINNER
This is my husband's game from childhood
and he takes this game very serious

Turk trying to get in on the action

Next was the dog wars,  

Tazey won,
but Opie was willing to sit really nice
for this pretty ball