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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Turks Weather: A Hello-Goodbye Walk

Saying hello to last weekends snow
Temps below 20 degrees and I put a jacket on old Turk
 Turk is getting old enough to know about the seasons changing.  Being a dog, he also know how to enjoy the moment- something I do when I am with my dogs, but forget sometimes when they aren't reminding me.  With the good 6 inches we had over the weekend, we woke up to 50 degree temps this morning.  And so Turk said goodbye.  Every winter he celebrates each snowfall, and as it melts, he says goodbye to each snowbank.

As we started our walk today, the dogs looked at each other and then at me.  The looked surprised at how warm it was.  As we came across each snowbank that was left, he had to dive in and say goodbye.

Last weekend, I let him go sledding one last time
A gate was left open by the locks, so we explored
We don't get to see this side of the locks very often

The side we see usually
It was early, by noon it looked like shanty town
Turk always wants to go out and see what they caught
Today would not be a good day for ice fishing

We chose the Konkapot trail today
What was I thinking?  Was I thinking like a dog?
It was very muddy, but I'm sure there were lots of smells for the dogs

Much different than the weekend

The creek lost it's bend

The weekends beautiful snow picture

The dogs were very interested in a spot
that isn't usually interesting

Another beautiful snow picture (last weekend)

The water was raging fast

A line where the muddy water flowed

We went off the trail

But I found this! I thought, I wonder what this is?
Oh, a camera strap. I should leave it for whoever lost it.
Wait! That's from my camera!
Must have fallen out of my case in the snow last time

Today Mr Snowman
After looking at the pic, I realized his face was all over the ground

His younger days
(on the weekend)

A final goodbye as we ended our walk
Turk was eating snow like a snowcone
We may get more, but the end is near

If you take lessons from a dog,
you enjoy each moment,
every change in every season
each new day!


  1. Fun pictures and captions! Silly Turk.

  2. Wow! How great is it that you found your camera strap???? It was meant to be...

    Great pictures--looks like the quick thaw is taking it's tole on the creek...the dogs seem happy though!

    1. Yes, I almost lost them in the creek. I was trying to get a pic of about 5 or so cardinals in the tree and when I looked up, the dogs were gone! That never happened before. They were down by the edge of the water and the leash had them tangled in the berry bushes. Bad dogs! Didn't get a good cardinal shot, but there will be more days. Glad I didn't have to jump in...