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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Turk's Weather: 2 Swims and Ice Cream kind of Day

It is only March and although the daffodils and crocus know,
the weather doesn't seem to

Turk headed for the water on our walk.  Instead of waiting to get further on the trail,
he went for the 1st stop.  He just stood in the water for a couple minutes.

Checking to make sure the bubbles aren't frogs

2nd stop. I missed him in the water as I was walking over the bridge to meet him on the other side.
Gotta roll in the grass after a good swim.

In the distance, just above Tazer's back are a pair of Heron's
They were not happy.

They walked slowly up the hill, squawking at us the whole way

Finally made it to the top
(they have some red on their heads)

Still watching us and squawking

And now later after lunch, a little ice cream on the deck.
Temps are at 85 degrees

I guess if you don't fight this unseasonable weather,
you just have to enjoy it.
Time to get rid of the winter coats
(for me and especially the dogs)


  1. Those looked like huge bowls of ice cream in the first pic! LOL

  2. Roxey, I love your blog. It always puts me in a good mood.

    1. Thanks Cousin Laurie! I am *so* looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Hurry!