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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Robins, Robins Everywhere

When it rains, it pours.  After getting a pic of a robin before my walk, I saw and heard them everywhere on my walk.  They were singing the 'after the rain' song.  There were a lot of birds out today.  I could hear cardinals and sparrows and bluejays and morning doves.

It hasn't been too hard of a winter, but it's always nice to have the hope of spring.  Spring to me means:

  • I don't have to wear a face mask on my walks anymore.  Ahhhh!
  • I can start carrying my camera without the case to keep it warm and the batteries from freezing up
  • It's time to plant for spring gardens!  I have not ordered seeds yet and *have* to this weekend.
  • Muddy dog paws (boo)
  • bird watching
  • humming birds!
  • longer days

Mostly I just like Spring because it reminds us that winter will not last forever.  A lot like life, there are seasons.  



  1. I've been waiting for the Robins, they aren't too far south of me. With all the snow we received this week - I was thinking it might be awhile. I bet I see one next week - when it should warm up - up here. Blessings from Ringle.

    1. Some how the Robins don't seem to mind the snow! Hope you see one soon!