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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Is It Summer?

What happened to spring?  A gradual transition from the cold of winter.  Thankful for 40 and 50 degree weather.  Here we are in the beginning of March and we are getting 70's and 80's.  Everyone is wearing flip flops like it's the middle of summer. 

I'm not overly anxious to get out my summer clothes.  I am not ready to bare my winter toes, let alone my 'whiter than a Yooper in February' legs.  I folded last weeks laundry yesterday and yes, I wore a turtleneck just this last week.

I did pull the straw off of my strawberries yesterday so they could get some sun.  I got warm and since we have a fenced in yard I pulled my long sleeve top off and wore my exercise tank.  As I got ready for bed, I noticed I had gotten a little sun on my shoulders. 

I feel like this is all a mirage, like it's not reality.  When we go back to our normal 38 for a high temps, we are all going to be walking around depressed.  But I guess I'll take it. 

The dogs panted the whole walk yesterday.  Later in the day, Tazer came up to me breathing hard.  I thought she was really hot, but then I recognized the sound.  It was the sound she made when she had swallowed a big chunk of rawhide and it was stuck in her throat.  She would always walk up to me as a pup as if to tell me it was stuck.  So I did the motherly thing and pried open her jaw and shoved my fingers down her throat to pull it out.  She always says thank you.  I give her the mom talk about chewing before she swallows and she listens.

This past week we had the ice melt off the canal and the high waters from the melting snow has died down.  Turk was happy to have his favorite watering hole back.  Some pics from this week:

The Geese are dreaming about their new family
I don't see a nest yet
A lone duck hiding in the grass

Nothing better than a good roll in the grass after a swim!

Last weeks sighting - 6 deer
A little stompin' and snortin' but they wouldn't run.
We were a little too close for comfort
Two more deer by the creek
It looks like the lone duck must live right there

I guess I'll take this weather. 
But when we return to our norm for temps, I'll take that too! 
At least it's above zero!

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