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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Hair-raising walk

Today we took our 'Frank' walk.  We didn't see Frank today at the coffee shop, but someone else stood in for him and gave the dogs their treat.  When I am pinched for time, I head straight home but like a bunch of kids, the dogs always have to try for the longer walk.  We loop around a little further and head down to take a short trail by the locks.  In town, but by the edge of the river and more woods. 

Today the dogs sniffed in the usual spots.  In the winter I can see the deer trail and where they jump over the approximately 10 ft high fence with barbed wire on the top.  You can see in the snow where they come to the fence and where the trail continues on the other side of the fence.  I wonder if I am seeing things right and the dogs confirm by sniffing the trail which tells me they are on the scent of something.  They can tell me how long ago too.   A sniff and a quick look around tells me something passed by not very long ago.  Most of the time though they sniff and don't look for anything to be standing around which means it was longer ago.

This reminds me.  Yesterday my husband saw a snake in the front yard.  The dogs couldn't tell where it was as long as it wasn't moving, but when I came out and it was gone, I asked Tazer where the snake went.  She put her nose to the ground and tracked the trail it had taken to the corner of our house.  Note taken. 

In the winter you can also see where deer have bedded down for the night which is always very fascinating to me.  I normally would not notice this, but the dogs drag me to the scent and then I see all the droppings and you see where the heat from their bodies melted the snow.  Many times we find the deer beds from the night before in peoples back yards just at the edge of the trees.  In this area by the locks, we found an area after jumping over that they made into what looked like a deer 'hotel'.  There were approximately 20 different areas where you could see where the deer had slept.  It is a great area if you are trying to get out of the north wind.

Doesn't look like much to you or I,

but the dogs told me each of these spots

were a deer bed from the night before

Today I got my proof that the deer really are jumping that 10 ft. high fence.  We came across a pile of hair at the exact spot I have seen the deer trail in the winter.

An indentation in the ground where the deer landed

and all the hair he left behind

The fence they jumped

Somewhere in town is a deer with a shaved belly.

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  1. That is really something. Hard to imagine being able to jump so high. Deer are so agile and graceful.