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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Difference a Day Makes

The Konkapot today

Yesterday, something told me to take a pic of the Konkapot Creek looking over the bridge, but I didn't.  It was muddy and the whole picture would have been brown with nothing sticking out as a focal point.  I wish I would have taken it because I could compare with today.  I got on the trail yesterday and after not taking this comparison picture decided to take a few on the trail to compare with some snowy pictures.

Today's Konkapot Trail walk

Yesterday's Konkapot Trail walk
That is how it is in Wisconsin, you can have beautiful spring weather one day and within 24 hours you are back to winter.  This can happen at any time of the year too!  I enjoyed a very muddy spring walk on the trail yesterday and took a few pics to compare, knowing we were supposed to get hit with 6-9 inches of wet, sticky snow.  That kind of snow always makes for pretty pictures.
From this...

...to this

Soon it will be like this again!


...to this.  I think the angle is a little different


Yesterday, a lump in the woods
Zoomed in
Today, no deer (that I could see)
but very pretty! (minus the yellow gas line marker)
Almost home....
we didn't have this yesterday!
Mr Cardinal singing to me as I got home
I hear them a lot, but they are very camera shy


  1. You are right! That snow does make for beautiful pictures--especially the one with the cardinal!

    1. The cardinal was much easier to see with the snow on the trees! I have tried a few times in the last weeks to get a pic of one, but they are very flighty. I can hear their different calls as I walk though.