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Thursday, March 1, 2012


I got the first pic of the first robin of the season!!!!!!!!!
It's not a great pic, but there he was posing for me.  I have been hunting him down for over 3 days.  I can hear him in my back yard, but I could not get a pic.  I was ready to take the pic naked if I had to... I take a shower and quick look outside where I have baited with old apples.  This pic was taken in my jammies though.

Everyone has been telling me how they are hearing them, but the rules are you have to have a pic.  Sorry sis, they are on their way an hour north of us.  My husband Tony was almost the winner, but I had the camera on my walk when he saw it.  I was out looking for robins.

Everyone may think that I will be a sore loser if someone else sees (posts a pic) one before me, but I encourage competition.  It's all in fun, but of course my facebook friends know that I am dead serious about the rules of the game.  Ha.

What does all this mean?  SPRING IS COMING!!!!!  Even if we get a couple more snowstorms (we will) it doesn't matter because



  1. Yay! Robins - always a welcome sign. Haven't seen any here yet. It will be a couple of weeks before they start showing up.

    1. These robins are a good week or two early! Of course we haven't had much of a winter so they probably figured they'd come back early.?!

  2. Aaauuuuggg! Guess we should have a traveling trophy if you are opening this up to others LOL! My sister-in-law saw a pair of bluebirds already.

    1. Talk, talk, talk. That's all I ever hear. Pics are the proof. :-) But I suppose since this little competition has only had aprox 3 members it's not that big of a deal. If we open it up to everyone then some lunatic crazier about spring robins than me will always win OR someone will cheat and then the fun will all be over. Ha. Really though, I just get really excited when spring is coming that's all this is about. But this is a robin competition. Bluebirds don't count, but I would be willing to look at a bluebird pic to brighten my day. :)