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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

...and then there's Opie: Learning the Rules

Opie has come to live with us for a while.
He is our sons dog and our son Kyle has moved home from Nashville to start a new life.
The plan: to get a job and move out


Opie seems to think laying in my strawberry patch is the perfect spot
to lay with his ball in the sun.
Turk knows the rules

Opie! Get out of my garden!

Opie learns fast and eventually he will stay out of my garden.  He loves piano lessons and greets each new student happily and the ones he's met before he greets like an old friend.  Yesterday, he dug each toy out from under the couch in the piano room, somehow got a sticker on his butt, and decided to take a drink under the piano.  I have water in a bucket for moisture.  My dogs have never considered drinking from it.  Turk and Tazer were a little more accepting of him on their piano turf this time.  When he visited one year, they wouldn't let him in the piano room.  I had to step in and tell them all the rules (it's my room).

He loves the freedom of our fenced in yard as he is never allowed to run because he will -- run.  Each morning they have a good wrestle and even Turk as old as he is joins in the fun.

Yesterday looking pretty innocent.

We don't need another dog, but Opie just wiggles into your heart and makes himself at home.  So I guess he is home for now... where Kyle goes is where he wants to be, but Gramma's house is a lot of fun.

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