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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wash Away

Today is kind of a wash-out.  We were supposed to get hit with a huge snowstorm and it rained.  A tomato soup and grilled cheese kind of day I wrote on facebook.  A good day to listen to some of my sons new music.

I have been listening to his upcoming cd in my car for the last couple weeks and I am liking it a lot.  He knows I wouldn't just say this if I didn't really like it.

Turns out, I probably accidentally got this demo copy.  It was left in the cd player when our other son was visiting.  He recorded the cd.  I also lost my yoga dvd in the process and since the kids were home I can blame them.... but it doesn't really matter.  I got this little gem in exchange.  I also just ordered another of the same yoga dvd and have already received it.

I have heard this song Wash Away for many months now, but hadn't really listened to it because if mama doesn't have the cd in her hands, it doesn't get listened to.  I always tell my boys that they have to give me these sneak peek listens.

I talked to Kyle today and he said it was ok for me to do this.  I have added pics from when he played up here in December.   He has released this song as a free download.  But it will be on the next cd (changed slightely I'm told) which is coming out in the next couple months hopefully.  They recorded much of it with files over the internet since most of the musicians don't live in the same state.

As a musician, I appreciate all the work they do to put these songs together and as a mama, well, the songs are a little hard (rock) for me, but sometimes I like my music loud.

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kylemegnathemonsoons  free download of this song

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kylemegna Kyle Megna's first CD
http://www.reverbnation.com/kylemegnamusic free download of this song

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Faith, Hope, Love

Today is the biggy.  The big 5-0.  I have been looking forward to it.  In my 20's I feared 30, and then I realized that people took me more serious after I turned 30.  Then I feared the big 4-0, because that made me old.  I was relieved to get that one out of the way so I could get on with my life.  And now 5-0.  I don't feel like I should be 50, somehow it just happened.  But really I am looking forward to the second half.  And by half I mean that I have so much I want to do in life that I feel like I need to live to be 100.  But maybe I should start doing a few of these things before I go deaf dumb and blind.  I don't mean this in a non-respectful way.  It's just that realistically I may not be able to do a few things as I age.  But I always plan on being involved.  Involved at whatever stage I am in.
Written on my doorway to remember

So my theme for this, my 50th year and for my second half will be Faith Hope and Love.  I have written about it before (Feelings http://roxeylucey.blogspot.com/2011/12/feelings.html).  In 1 Corinthians 13:13 it says:

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love.
But the greatest of these is love.

Things change as you get older.  Life is hard sometimes.  What we value won't last and we can't take it with us.  Everything is going to pass.  (I need to remember this right now)  I don't want to look back and wonder why I made such a big deal of life, things that seemed like they were going to be the same way forever.

So anything filled with faith, hope and love - these will remain through eternity.  This is what I need to remember.  This is how I want to live.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Duckies, Geese and Turkeys

A beautiful walk today with temps in the mid 30's
Turk and Tazer looking at the duckies, like we always do

Not a cloud in the sky

Which makes the water look bluer

The nesting pair of geese are back!
You can see them half way down the long strip of land
between the canal and the river

They make their nest right next to the concrete
and blend in so no one can see them...
except me, because I have been watcing them
for almost 8 years!
(I'm not sure about the 3rd goose)

A stop at KC&T for a dog biscuit from Frank
This is a 2 in 1 pic!

More ducks when we walk back on the other bridge

...and a LOT of geese everywhere today- in the sky
flying back and forth between the river and the fields in town

...and some turkeys sneaking away from us on Saturday's walk

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Crazy Lady.Not.I am

I have been wearing my red boots a lot lately.  I don't know if they give me that extra little push of attitude that I need to get me through the day or what, but they do make life a little more fun.  Mine don't have spurs like the pic (sometimes I wish they did).

I have had to take a stand in so many things the last few months and sometimes I am just weary.  I have been hurt deeply by so called friends.  People I thought I could trust.  As much as I know it shouldn't affect me, it does.  It hurts.  I have had my words twisted and contorted into something I have not meant.  Confusing and exhausting.  I have had to take a stand with my doctors.  I have been manipulated by people in my church... all in the name of Christianity.  If I want to live like a good Christian then you will play by my rules stuff. 

And recently, I have since the first of the year had pelvic pain and other symptoms like low thyroid.  I have been so cold that all I could do for a couple weeks is sit under my blankey by the fire.  I have had CT scans and ultra sounds only to find... nothing.  I am frustrated.  I am used to pain, but low back pain that makes me spend the weekend on the couch is not what I am used to.  I have had my thyroid checked in times like this and it is always normal.  Once it was a little off, but they say it was still normal.  Maybe it should be checked again, but I'm not going to get my hopes up that they will find something.  I have been offered to have my right ovary yanked out and as much as I would like that, I don't know if it is the answer.

All this makes me feel like a crazy lady.

I will probably look back at this (when I am feeling wonderful someday) and think I was a little whiny, but when you are in the middle, it is really hard.  I have come across a blog that is so positive I really should be reading it every day (along with my Bible which is also very positive).

10 Good reminders for stressful times:

And so when life is crappy, it is good to remember that life isn't always what our current circumstances make it look like.  So I am forcing Thankfulness on myself.
5 Things I'm Thankful for:
  1. I am thankful I don't have any major issues
  2. Thanks to progesterone, I am not a complete basket case.  It is obvious that my symptoms subside after I take the prescription
  3. I haven't had a major migraine or headache for 3 months.  This is HUGE because it is what I was so down about just a few months ago.
  4. I still have a sense of humor.  Despite everything going on, I am laughing.  My piano students make me smile and laugh every day.  They are a joy.  I also got to see my granddaughter this past week and we had a blast!  A short visit but we did *nothing* during a snowstorm (the rest of the family played Risk) and it was glorious
  5. There are better times ahead.  It's a promise!
  6. I am thankful for the support of my family, friends, doctors and health professionals, pastor, and many good loving people in my church... I am surrounded by love.
  7. I am thankful for my faith, although wavering at times and sometimes making me take a stand when I am so weary I just want to go to bed.  Faith is sometimes all that is left to get you through.
  8. I am thankful to be a child of God.  Like the above, I just can't imagine going through life all alone and without hope.
  9. I am thankful I can get out and walk and see all the glorious nature God has created
  10. I am thankful for music, that sometimes gives words to what is going on inside us when we have no words.
  11. I am thankful for my dogs who enjoy doing things with me.  They make me look at things I probably would never look at (duckies over the bridge) and talk to people I would never talk to otherwise
Oops!  I went 11!  Once you start, it's easy to keep going.

So my song(s) of the week.  Actually 2 weeks.  I have been listening to Superchick.  Sorry mom, they rock a little bit.  If you get past the beginning of Hey Hey, it calms down a little.  So who doesn't need a rock band in their head when life makes things look so gloomy?  Someone cheering you on to just keep going when things are tough?  Maybe I have been listening to them a little much because I have taken a stand a little bit this last week.

Superchick is a Christian Rock (heavy metal?) band.  I am not that into heavy metal music, but sometimes the heavy rockers are the ones that have the best ballads also.  Way back when the band was first starting out, my daughter then 12 liked them.  They got their start at Lifest which is a Christian rock festival held in our area every summer.  In the beginning I remember walking up to their booth and just chatting with them.  I remember them putting fliers on the bathroom stalls, which is what the 'unknown' bands would do.  Now they have their songs in a lot of movies.

My daughter made me listen to them once in the car.  I think she was driving because I was looking at the words to the music in their cd cover.  I remember telling her that the words could have been written by a 40 year old.  They had wisdom to them that seemed odd coming from such young people.  My daughter could probably tell you how many times she has seen them in concert.  I haven't seen them as much because it is standing room only and I have a hard time standing through a concert.  And so they are an awesome band if your kid or daughter for that matter likes hard rock.  They are also an awesome band for building self esteem.  They are also good for ladies that are going through rough times that are about to turn 50.  As much as I think my self esteem is intact, I guess having a cheering section is nice sometimes.

Every song on the album Rock What you Got has been uplifting for me in the past weeks.  Some are slow and some make me sing out loud to the dogs.  And so I leave you today with my song of the last 2 weeks: Hey Hey.

 Crazy Lady.Not.I am

13 Therefore put on the full armor of God,
 so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to
stand your ground,
and after you have done everything,
to stand.
14 Stand firm then,
 with the belt of truth buckled around your waist,
with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 1
5 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.
16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith,
with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one.
17 Take the helmet of salvation
and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.
from Ephesians 6

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pack Walk- Opening Ceremonies

Walking 3 dogs is tricky.  I only do it when my son is home visiting and that means we have 3 dogs in the house then.  He is about to move home (back to our town) and stay in our *guest* room until he gets his feet on the ground.  So we will have a pack to walk in the morning.  I may have to make some pack rules.

Every morning, after I've had my oatmeal it is time for our walk.  When I get my jacket on and we are ready to hook up, Tazer starts giving the pack call as if she is calling everyone together.  Or just excited.  She will not stop until I put her Gentle Leader over her nose.  With Opie's sensitive ears, this makes him howl and then Turk gets mad at all of them.  He doesn't howl or bark like that so he doesn't want anyone else to.

One of these times, Tazer started howling and they had a howl fest.  Of course, my camera was upstairs.  This was the only time I have heard her howl.  She has a very eerie wolf-sounding howl.  It sounded really cool, so maybe one of these days I will get her howling when my camera is around.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

True Grit - not my baby

Tazer does not like violence.  Neither does Turk.  Turk is older and a little wiser and seems to know that sounds on TV are not real.  Tazer cannot handle a gunfight or people yelling (I can't either).  So we watched True Grit tonight and I think half the movie was a gun fight.  She started between the coffee table and couch, then went under her daddy's hand hanging over the couch for a little support and then she came up on the couch by me.  Finally I saw Dan talking to her, but couldn't see her.  This is where I found her and there she stayed until the end of the movie.

She is better now and watching the Grammy's.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Watch out- the cops are gonna get you!

I have waited six months since an incident in our town that involved the police tasing a man.  The man later died which often happens when they have overdosed on drugs.  My husband was involved in the incident.  It was a sad situation, but the police did what they needed to do to keep the community safe.  What came about afterwards completely threw me.  Instead of the community being grateful, people joined the mob mentality and spouted off whatever came to their heads with the news not helping in forming ideas. 

What I see is that people like to hop on the bandwagon.  Everyone has an opinion.  Do we realize that what we see on the media is mostly negative?  I cannot even put the name of my dog on a you tube video without attracting negative videos.  This is sad because we form our ideas from what we see.

What has really upset me with it hitting so close to home is that the negative stuff the media shows is NOT what I see every day.  And so I am posting this.  Why?  Because people crossed the line.  Do I sit back and just let everyone trash talk cops because they have seen too much tv?  I have waited this long because I thought maybe I was a little too angry and I don't want to post angry.  But this is important.  We need to take responsibility for our words.  Just because you are hiding behind closed doors doesn't make it right.  We DO have freedom of speech, but what you say has consequences. 

And so from August of 2011 unedited: 

It's late and I can't sleep.  I haven't been this angry since my kids were teenagers and did stupid things that didn't make sense.  Obviously a nerve has been hit.

Did you ever hear the comment: Watch out, the cops are gonna get you?  Parents say it to there kids to scare them into being good.  I may have heard it when I was a kid for that matter.  When one of our sons was around 2 years old we were in our mini van and there was an accident by us.  I said the police would come and he said something like "the police are going to come and shoot them!".  My heart sank.  Here all along, he thought his daddy was going to work day in and day out and shooting people.  It's amazing what little kids perceive.  Obviously too much TV or maybe not too much but do we realize what they are taking in?

We all need cops.  Whether or not we want to admit it.  If we didn't have enforcement of the law, there would be sheer chaos.  These cops you see in uniform day in and day out are family men and women.  They don't know when the next call is going to put them in danger.  

So now this past week we have an incident where they do everything by the book, and all of a sudden people are experts like sitting in the football stands and thinking they can coach better than the coach themselves.  Cops are human.  They can make mistakes, but when everything goes according to how it should have there isn't anyone saying 'thank you' for a job well done?  Or thank you for keeping the community safe?  Only how much of an expert they are at how wrong everything is (in their eyes).  Or critiquing just because they like the sound of their voices.  The TV news didn't help at all either.  They take any jab they can to make things look sensational all in the name of "we stated the facts".  Anyone can make the facts turn in their favor.  That's what politicians do on their TV ads.

It's the idiotic comments that people have made behind their cover of a computer behind their closed doors that really has set me off.  Cowards.  Why don't you have the courage to say some of this stuff face to face?  How about to the cops wife?  Hiding behind a computer and being an expert at tasers because you went to the 'website' on tasers.  What do you know?  Do you know that when my husband got trained on the taser, he also got shot with one himself?  He knows what it feels like and had the welts on his back to prove it.  Why would he want to use this just for the sake of using it?  Circumstances are circumstances and the fact that people make their own choices isn't a reason to blame the police for keeping the community safe.

I don't know about you, but I feel much better being in a community where I know I am going to be safe because their are police out there doing their job.  I don't want them to arrest my friends or relatives and I don't want anyone to get hurt.  But that is not the world we live in.

These men and women have to make their plans ahead of time for if they are killed while on duty.  I know which cop is going to come to my door to tell me the bad news.  20 years ago, that seemed almost laughable but it's not so funny now a days.

So what's the answer?  I'll tell you what you need to do.  First of all, just STOP.  Shut your mouth and think before you talk.  When there are cones out blocking the way, don't go around them to get to where you're going!  You're not special.  The law isn't there for everyone else except you.  When a traffic cop is telling you to go one way and you want to go the other, go the direction he/she is pointing!  You're not special.  He may be trying to save your life!  When something big is going down and the cops tell you to stay away, stay away!  You are not special.  When you get a speeding ticket and you were speeding, you deserve it!  You are not special.  If you've been drinking too much and you get arrested, just shut up.  You are not special.  And neither am I.

Oh, and stop telling your kids the cops are going to get them.  Instead maybe teach them they are there to keep them safe.  And maybe, just maybe when you actually think in a realm outside your little computer world, you could thank a cop to his face for keeping your community safe!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tazey, the (Oscar Meyer) Wiener Dog

Tazey, my Oscar Meyer Weiner dog
cheap brand on the left, Oscar Meyer on the right
After our daily walk, the dogs get a 'treat' for walking good.  Of course, they always have something good to reward them for, so even if they were bad, they get one too.  How's that Caesar Milan?  So instead of buying expensive dog treats, I find hot dogs much less expensive. 

It doesn't help that Tazer, my tough German Shepherd is so finicky.  I almost wonder if she has some cat in her!  She sniffs those flavored dog treats and turns her nose away.  She knows real food, and there's no real food in them! 

And just to get it straight, my dogs know the difference between 'treat' and 'cookie'.  When our dog Meggy was alive, she got a cookie every time she went potty.  Yeah, she had us trained well.  She demanded her treat.  Now with her demanding gone, they don't get so many cookies.  But they do get their hot dogs, and although Meggy didn't walk with us, she was up from her nap and ready for her hot dog until the day she died.

So Turk and Tazer get their after walk treat.  Tazer started turning her nose at the hot dogs lately.  I had come across an awesome sale of the cheapest brand hot dog for 99 cents.  Obviously there is a lot of junk in them because she just doesn't like them.... or she knows there is better out there.  Turk on the other hand, will eat anything flavored like meat.

I decided to buy a little better brand hot dog and now she KNOWS there is better out there.  I came across a lesser brand in the freezer and decided to use them up.  She will not eat them.  Today we did a test as I was opening a new pack of Oscar Meyer Wiener's and had a few bites of the old left.  She had her two pieces of hot dog laying on the floor and she was looking at me like she wanted to puke.  I decided to put a piece of Oscar Meyer down and she didn't even hesitate.  What a stinker.

Tazer is a Wiener Dog in disguise.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Turks Weather: A Good Day for Ice Fishing, if you have a blankey

Ice Fishing with dogs, especially old dogs is a lot like
ice fishing with a 2 year old
Turns out Turk did fine as long as he had his blankey
Tazer on the other hand freaked out most of the day
due to the ice making loud sounds
Tony and his brother Joe
and Tazey keeping an eye on her daddy

She Walks Alone

Today I am left alone without any dogs to stare at me to keep me moving.  My husband took them ice fishing today.  He wanted me to go, but I am thinking that the main purpose for me to be there would be to dog-sit so I opted out.  I also cannot stand in the cold very long and need to be close to a bathroom.  I was not made for ice fishing although I grew up on a lake and went ice fishing lots with my brothers and dad.  They would shovel an ice rink for me and my sister and we would skate.  I have a feeling we weren't out there all day though.

I wasn't sure I would even walk given this opportunity of being all alone, but after thinking about it decided to walk down by the river since it is a trail dogs aren't allowed on and I rarely go this way anymore.  It's too bad because it is a beautiful walk and it is right out my front door.... through my neighbors back yard and down the hill.  Just like that, I am no longer in the middle of town and am in the middle of a hundred acre wood with deer and eagles and sometimes other critters.

Down the hill is a bike trail
leading to the river
we live just to the left of the big green blob
Do you see how I can get lost in the middle of town?
The boardwalk along the river -
in the spring the water flows over these in some parts

The eagles nest is way across the river through these trees

zoomed in a bit- you can see him sitting on the branch

The parents-to-be getting the nursery ready
the gathering place

young eagles

Back up the hill toward home-
It is hard to see deer hiding


Another one- I could not get a clean shot with all the trees!

This is what I call Narnia...
I never realized the woods went back this far
and it is like a different world

Back on the bike trail home

 It was a good walk, but I did miss enjoying seeing the sights with my dogs.  They love the walks as much as as I do and it's always fun to share a good walk!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nose-tappin' fun

If you don't pay attention and you have dogs, you feed them, let them out to go potty, clean up after they potty, put up with mud on the floor in the spring from a muddy lawn and from the garage in the middle of winter.  You get your carpet trashed, your bed full of hair.  You deal with 2 year olds that never grow up.

But if you pay attention to these awesome creatures, you can hardly be annoyed at all of the above because they are so fascinating, intelligent, loyal, non-judging, I could go on creatures.  They watch every move you make and know before you do what you are going to do.  I cannot close my computer without the dogs knowing my next move.  They have studied me for years.  Sometimes I wish they could speak.

Oh wait!  They do communicate - we just have to be observant enough to catch it.  I have no clue what else I am missing, but the stuff I do notice amazes me.  My dogs communicate constantly- with me and with each other.  I feel a long post coming on, because the list is endless.

They bark: to the air announcing a car going by the house, the next piano student, when the family has arrived and they are just happy;  to each other: when one is on my bed and the other is trying to tell them that a new student has arrived and the coast is clear (from little ones).  This one is particularly annoying until I realize what they are doing.  They bark in sentences and then the other one answers and they go back and forth until I force them to get in the same room, at others: when a new parent is with a student- one they have never seen before- they get extra barks.  They whine: Tazer is a big one with GSD's known for whining when things aren't the way they are supposed to be.  She will whine from the second my husband leaves for an errand until he comes home.  Sometimes she whines when she is tired.  She used to do this when she was a puppy just before she would find a place to curl up. 

Turk's bark has something different to tell depending on the situation.  When my husband comes home or any member of the family, his bark will get a little squeak in it.  This is saved for family only.  He has a 'mail-truck' bark, a UPS truck bark.  He also has a 'bark at everything that moves' bark when he is bored.  With that bark, he always gets "What's that all about?" from me and then he looks a little embarrassed.

But most of all what I find fascinating is the nose-taps.  You miss them easily if you aren't watching.  Tazer is a huge nose-tapper, but I am finding that Turk has his share of tappin' also.  When we leave for our walk, we barely get half-way down the block and Turk will tap Taze.  It's as if he is saying: Do you think the big old bad Buckeye is out today?  This dog wants to kill them- I am not kidding.  If he ever gets loose, it will not be good.  I have met the dog (without my dogs) and he is a very nice dog.  He is a pit-bull/lab mix which is what scares me.  Not the stigma of pit bulls, but the fact that when they latch on, their jaw locks and they don't let go.  So yeah, my dogs are very afraid of him.  We try sneaking by, but for some reason he always knows.

The next nose tap on our walk is 'the point of no return'.  It is the block where I would turn to take a really short walk, or go straight to continue on a fun walk.  Sometimes I will say we are going on that short walk and then change my mind as we come to the crossroad.  Tazer will smack Turk with her nose and Turk gives her one back.  As if to say 'WOO HOO, we're goin' on the fun walk!"  Then Tazer goes into her pretty German Shepherd prance that she saves for when she is really happy or proud.

When off leash, which isn't too often, Turk will run ahead to do his sniffing and Tazer is torn between joining him and leaving us behind and keeping track of us.  So she will run double, keeping up with Turk and then running back to us to give us a tap-check to make sure we are ok, and then back to Turk again.

 During piano lessons, both dogs do a lot of nose tapping.  The most obvious has been when the next student comes for their lesson, I have seen both dogs, but mostly Tazer tap the student sitting at the piano as if to tell them their time is up because the next one is here.  When she was a puppy and started getting the routine down, she would put her front paws up on the piano bench and tap them in the face.  She isn't as obvious now, but they like to run a smooth operation.  Tazer has also been known to tell on anyone being naughty while waiting for their brother or sister to get done with their lesson.  Once, a 2 year old screamed at the top of her lungs and threw some toys.  Tazer came up to me quickly and tapped me on the leg.  Another time a little boy was snooping in a closet that she knew kids didn't go in and she came to tell me with a nose-tap.  I have had the smoke detector go off when someone was cooking in the kitchen and she would give me a nose tap until I checked out what the problem was.

When meeting people on our walk, the dogs know how a normal exchange is supposed to go between people.  We greet, say hi, chat a bit (that's when the dogs lay down, knowing it's going to be a while), and then say our 'well-wishes' as we depart.  When someone walks by us without making eye-contact, usually because they are listening to an ipod (my dogs don't understand ipods), they become very suspicious.  So after one of these pleasant exchanges, Tazer will always give me a tap on the leg and she will be smiling.  As if to say "we said 'hi' nice didn't we?"  This was her lesson her first year of life.  She did not like people approaching me when she was a puppy.  When students came in, she didn't like this and I would grab her nose and tell her to say 'hi' nice.  So now when she does, which is most of the time (she still gets her nose grabbed once in a while), she will come up to me and tap me as if to say 'did I do it right?'.  I always tell her when she says 'hi' nice.

When Tazer was younger and we would announce something she didn't understand, she would always look to Turk for translation.  She would tap him as if to say "What are they saying? Tell me!  Tell me!"  Turk never told.  This always cracked me up.  She doesn't do it as much anymore probably because she has studied us a lot more.

This morning before my walk, I always announce "It's time to get ready".  That is translated to "Walk" by them and so they watch me go downstairs.  Usually they race me down, but lately I don't know, they must be getting lazy or something.  Or they are torn sometimes when daddy is home.  So I like to play hide-and-seek.  They seem to count to ten and then come downstairs looking for me.  What amazes me is that they can't just sniff me out as easy as it seems it should be.  Not like a stranger anyway.  My scent must be all over the house.  So first they look in all the places I have hid before.  So they use there head first and then when they still can't find me, they start sniffing.  I know this because I can see them from my hiding place in the dim lit room.  Tazer puts her nose to the ground and starts tracking me.  Her nose brings her right to me and then she gives me a tap as if to say "found you! you're it!"

So because this is getting long and I decided on my walk today I had to get a picture of this nose-tapping, I noticed even more communication than usual.   As we took the Water Walk and came up on the black-top trail on County CE, I noticed 4 different taps.  The first one, Turk was walking through a long puddle on the edge of the trail.  He gave Taze a tap as if to say "Listen to my feet splashing in the puddle, isn't this fun?"  He always loved to run through puddles on purpose when he was a pup.  Shortly after, he tapped her again.  I was confused at first and then remembered last year there was a deer that got hit and was laying in the ditch.  Every time we walk by it, Turk gives Taze a tap.  Sure enough, we were by the dead deer.  Then we walked by a man that we see often on our walks.  He can walk faster than me and looks like he could be 80.  "Nice weather for a walk" I said.  "Sure is, but a little damp" he said.  We continued on our way and Tazer gave me a nose tap and smiled as if to say "We know that guy!  We said 'hi' nice!"  Shortly after that, Turk gave Taze another tap. This one, I had no clue.  Well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad! 

As we got closer to home, we had to cross the street to go around Bronco's house.  Turk knows his bark and knows he is a dominant male.  Although the dog is barely a year, Turk doesn't want to mess with him.  After we passes on the other side, Turk gave Tazer a tap as if to tell her "we made it!".  Then another tap which I assumed meant "we're coming up on Smokey's house now".   I'm pretty sure Smokey died this past year, but Turk doesn't know that.  He always had it out for this dog, a chow that was all black and looked like Smokey the Bear.  He was kind of stupid (owners words) and would always just stare at Turk.  Turk didn't like it one bit.  The dog was really nice, but Turk didn't know.  As we started back on our street, Turk gave me one final tap as if to say "That was a good walk!"

So now we are home and they are resting their noses on the couch.  I guess it is time for me to do some vacuuming and mopping to try to stay ahead of all the fur-balls and mud.  But really, it's not so bad when you consider what a nose-tapping good time we have the rest of the time!