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Friday, December 9, 2011

It's my Husband's fault

Turk is very happy his daddy is home
Ha ha, I could get in trouble with this one.  I have been thinking about Christmas.  My neighbor announced over a week ago on facebook that she was done with shopping, wrapping and had everything under the tree.  All she has left to do is bake a few cookies.  I think my jaw hung open when I read that.  And then I thought really, it shouldn't be so hard.  Just go and buy those gifts, wrap them and walla!

I told her she made me sick.  Actually I admire her a lot.  She makes things that I find very difficult look really easy.  It's not like she has a secret, she just does them.  I also told her maybe I could take some lessons from her.

So I've been thinking about this all week.  I've felt like a scrooge, even though I have the joy of the true meaning of  Christmas in my heart.  Every time I watch a commercial, I am reminded of what a failure I am because although they are telling me to spend, spend, spend I don't feel like that is what I should do.  They make me feel like I won't be happy unless I do certain things, play certain music, buy a real Christmas tree.  I won't have 'joy' unless I get cable (I have it and have not seen joy come out of it and would like to drop it).  I have spent a lot of the week with the news off.  Thanks to my 'smart phone' I can check the weather quick before I walk, although Turk is pretty good at it.

All week I have been wondering what holds me up from getting everything done at Christmas.  Well, besides not having extra time to do extra stuff,  I think I could just do it.  I could spend an afternoon putting the tree up and all the decorations.  Just spend an hour and do all my shopping (on line). Everyone is giving us their lists (in the family).  Oh no, wait.  Not everyone.  My husband doesn't have a list out.

This is what happens every year.  What do you want for Christmas?  Answer: Don't get me anything, I don't need anything.  That's it.  The end.  We never hear another word.  Well, once in a while he will mention some $15 item that is so bizarre only he could find it. 

My husband has bought me wonderful gifts every year.  Even when he doesn't know what to get me, (I think he had trouble last year) it ends up being wonderful (he got me a Denali blanket, which is the coziest most wonderfully warm, comforting blanket to lay on the couch and stay warm.  It's a 'blankey').  He surprises me all the time. 

One year, it must be 19 years ago (Meggy was a puppy that year), he had a painting made of the Cana Island Lighthouse in Door County.  We had camped there.  Our first camping trip as a family.  The campground is no longer there, but we were right next to the lighthouse island and would walk over to the island every day.  He had a local artist and friend (love) do a watercolor from a picture I took on a vacation there (double love).  I laid down in the daisies and took the picture.  I brought the painting everywhere that Christmas to show everyone.  I have gotten diamond rings (two besides my wedding ring), diamond earrings, a baby grand piano.  All from my husband.  All surprises.  How do I top that?

A couple weeks ago, he was gone hunting for a week.  The family has been asking me what to get Dad for Christmas.  When he got home, he went straight onto nightshift.  I gave him instructions to think about what he wanted and write it down in between keeping the city safe all night.  The next day he didn't have anything.  So with the (partial) family together for the Packer game, we cornered him.  Once cornered, he started rattling off a few things into thin air.  Not good enough for me.  I'm a visual.  I need to 'see' it.  So I gave him the scissors and told him to start cutting and pasting.

I suppose I can't blame my whole Christmas dilemma on him.  He IS hard to buy for, but this year especially he is helping me a little more.  He took the boys of the family and shopped and I had the girls.  I put a few lights up and he put a few more up.   I also observed him a little.  When he has something he needs to get done, he goes at it ruthlessly.  Tazer is afraid of him doing yard work because he always looks mad when he is on a mission.  Me, I like to enjoy the journey.  If I am doing yard work, I like to go about it in an enjoyable way.  Maybe put on some good music.  This may be my problem with shopping.  I don't like it.  There is no enjoyable way for me to go into a mob of crazed shoppers and come out saying "That was fun!"  But maybe I can learn something from my neighbor and my husband and just do it, like the Nike commercial. 

So this may be the first year in history that I am not overly stressed about the whole Christmas thing.  Thanks in part to my husband.  He has helped me more this Christmas, than any other.  Not to say he maybe hasn't wanted to help before, but maybe I just couldn't tell him how he could help.  I am looking forward to next week when I have 'vacation'.  My students ask me where I am going and I say "Nowhere!  I'm just going to put my tree up, bake cookies and wrap presents! 
Tis the season!


  1. Ahhhh...this is sweet. Glad your hubby is being helpful and reducing your stress. Hang on to that feeling now and don't let anyone tell YOU how to enjoy YOUR Christmas!

  2. Roxey - "Annoying Dave" wishes to point out that it is spelled "voila" not "walla". "Possibly helpful Dave" wants to mention that, in Madison anyway, the stores are absolutely dead at 8 or 9 PM. (they are open until midnight here). I do all my Christmas shopping either before noon on a weekday, or after 8 PM.

    Dave Z

  3. Isn't it odd how we all make Christmas so difficult when in reality it should be so simple. Celebrating the birth of Christ is what it's all about and yet we rush around trying to complicate such a wonderful event. I am glad you are finding it less stressful this year. Enjoy!!

  4. Thanks all, and Dave do you know how many Daves you could get into trouble being anonymous? Ha, but the Z gave it away. Thanks for commenting! Somehow, I can't seem to print 'voila' when my mouth says 'walla' and spell check was just fine with 'walla' :-) But in answer to 'helpful Dave', I noticed that a paragraph disappered into thin air and that was my paragraph that said I walked into the store to get my husbands gift and walked out within 10 minutes. The store was dead at 11am. Sorry to say that any time after 8pm and I turn into a pumpkin. Glad to have entertained so many people at my husbands expense. :-)

  5. You just have to do it! :) By the way, I just finished shopping for dad today. I have his cut & paste list if you want it back.