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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lost in the Woods -- in the middle of town

My new Nikes got broke in today
We took our usual Saturday Morning Walk on the Konkapot trail.  It's called The Water Walk to my dogs.  We know it well, but today I went off the beaten trail.  The Konkapot trail is an old rail road made into hiking trail.  There is the edge of town on one side through some trees and on the other there are a lot of woods.  I know the woods is small, but not too small to get lost in I found out!

Wild Violets

More violets
 We came to a spot with a stone walking bridge.  I should have had no problem, but I was worried about my camera and also carrying some mullein that I found along the trail, AND a bag of dog poo.  If that wasn't enough, as I started crossing I thought I just might make it and the dogs came towards me to see what I was up to.  I said 'BACK!' and then fell in.

The stepping bridge across the creek. Turk & Tazer had no problem

A very cool tree

Trails going every which way

  We started coming out in people's backyards.  I had no clue where I was, so I kept going back into the woods.  Finally I just listened for the cars on the Highway.
Calling the dogs back to head for the sound of traffic
 This is the second time I have been lost in the woods in town.  These are the prettiest walks.  I love coming across them because it's like a hidden treasure right in your back yard!
Home again with very muddy paws (and shoes)

Baby Found Abandoned - AKA Tazer's Babies

Well, we found Tazer's Rummage Sale Winnie the Pooh last night.  It was the first great day of the year weather-wise and we sat out on the deck after supper.  The dogs love that and they wrestled until they figured it was time for a bone and then Turk started nudging me like I should be doing something.  So they had their bones outside.

Since spring is so late this year, the yard is looking pretty sad.  Grass looks good, but all the garden area and even my raspberries are looking in bad shape.  It would be totally overwhelming except I have a week off coming up!

I couldn't just sit still on the deck, I had to walk around the yard and take stock.  I checked out the 35 extra bushes some company sent me when they couldn't send me what I wanted.  I planted them on the edge of  our lot.  All of a sudden there it was, the latest pup in it's hiding spot behind the bushes face down in the dirt with a little dirt on top of him.

Tazer's latest hidden baby
Tazer never plays with her stuffed animals, she hides them like they are her pups.  I have photos of stuffed animals buried all over our yard.  Sometimes they startle me because it will be a spot I was just at and all of a sudden there is an animal hiding under the leaves!

 When we come across one of her hidden babies, she pretends she doesn't notice but looks a little stressed like she's going to have to do it all over again.  The funny thing is, we have rarely caught her hiding them.  Her motherly instincts have her do it when no one is looking.  She's a good mama.

Turk & Tazer chill on the deck with
husband Tony in background and
Turk's pink rummage sale bunny they were wresling with

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rummage Sale Walk

Today is the All City Rummage Sale.  Glad I'm not having one.  It's misting out and cold.  Turk & Tazer, my rummage sale buddies love to go rummaging.  Tazer probably could take or leave it, but Turk -- he thinks they're standing around just for him.

In fact, anyone standing around on our walk is fair game for Turk.  He loves anyone in a hardhat.  Workers from the City, from the Gas company, from the Electric Company; they are all waiting around for him to give him a pat.  That's what he thinks anyway.  He also thinks that Police cars are driving around the city looking for him.  With my husband being one, I just about get dragged when they see any car that resembles a squad, including The Geek Squad.  In fact, anyone stopping at a stop sign he thinks is slowing down to say 'hi' to him. 

So, when he sees an open garage door he makes a bee line for it.  If we are across the street, he wants to cut across.  Sometimes I wonder if he can read Rummage Sale signs because he seems to know when there are signs out, there are people out.

Rummage Sales to him mean people standing around to talk to which means he'll get petted while I talk.  It also means lots of stuffed animals.  We don't buy the dogs toys anymore, but we will get them a stuffed animal at a rummage sale.  I usually don't tell the people that I am buying one of their beloved childrens toys for my dog to rip apart, but if there is a Winnie the Pooh I can hardly keep quiet about how my German Shephard loves Winnie the Pooh and carries them around like her pups.  Then she buries them out in the yard.  Turk respects that and won't rip any of her babies up.  In fact, they each know exactly which toy they were given and which one is there's.  You don't mess with dog rules.  Dogs have rules and they follow them.  That's a whole 'nother story.

Turk checking out a rummage sale

Turk with his new bunny

Tazer checking out Pooh Bear

Of course she has to turn him over to sniff his butt end